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single4everclub's Journal

The Single Foreverrrrrr Club
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All Members , Moderated
This is the official Single forever club, originally established in the psuedo walls of Ursuline Academy, an all girls school of Cincinnati, OH. The club is now open to membership for all genders and sexual preferences. The requirements for now are that

1) you are a single person right now, and plan on being or expect to hold this status for a while, or foreverrrr!!

2) that you promise to drop from this club if you ever acquire a significant other

This is a place for singletons to unite, please feel free to join, we hold our arms open to everyone.

This place is moderated by your friendly neighborhood kufuffin_zero sadly she knows that she'll be single long enough to actually moderate this place. please feel free to hit me up with questions.

Have fun kids!