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hey ppl, i haven't writen in forever, but ya know, life's crazy, well i'm still single :/, lets see, i've had about 5 attempts on a real relationship in the past 11 months, and as always i got stuck with abunch of wussies who lie about the stupidest stuff!!!!, the last guy i wasas gonna hook up w/ decides to go get another gurl to hook up w/ cause i wouldn't fuck him, and dosen't even to bother tellin me he has a g/f i just found out from his friend yesterday that he's been seeing her for like 3 weeks now,.....and ppl wounder why some gurls turn lesbian....god, maybe it's just the guys that live near me, but so far, all the hot guys are assholes, the nice, guys are taken, and the nice cute guys are either taken, to old, or gay....what is up with that, maybe i'm jeinksed, idk, whatever, well, i'm gonna go, bye
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