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Your moderator is back!

Wow... It's been forever and a day...

First of all, Thank you and welcome to all of you who have just joined!

And more of a thanks to the people who have been here since the very beginning!

Now... I must say I have to apologize profusely for my absence.

Fact is, this community was going nowhere... ha! But I suppose I just didn't give it enough time to get members and the like. And also i changed my journal name from kufuffin_zero to _introspect_ So I forgot about this community......

After about a year's hiatus I've returned to find that there are actually quite a few people in this community now.

What sucks is that you all probably want to leave because there's been nothing going on...

Well, let me tell ya brothas/sistas...
We're going to kick this place back up.

Here's my plan of action:
1) Create some icons and edit the layout of this place
2) Create banners for those who like to advertise for their communities
3) Advertise for this community.
4) Edit the userinfo page
5) Think of some ideas to get this place alive and kickin......

If any of you would like to help with any of the above or have some amazing ideas of your own, post a comment! This place needs help, so all help and suggestions will be appreciated!

I'll be sure to post as I get things updated.
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