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05:34pm 24/04/2005
01:19am 27/03/2005
  Happy Easter!Collapse )  
02:42pm 06/03/2005
  Full Screen DVD's I would like to trade for Widescreen if anyone is interested?Collapse )  
01:21am 24/10/2004
  Where are all the parties tonight?  
02:50pm 13/08/2004
  alright... well.. since nobody has responded to the last post I'm going to shut this place down..

as of Friday August 20, 2004... the single4ever club shall forever be closed.
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Best and Worst places to be single 
07:55am 06/08/2004
mood: amused
This is kind of an old article... so you all may have seen this before:

Best and worst cities to be single:

Click on your city to find out what grade your city gets on things that are important to singles i.e. nightlife, culture, job growth, etc. etc.

Apparently, my hometown got 36 out of 40... wonderous.
"If you're a single in Cincinnati, you're best bet is to get out... get out of town."
And Cincinnati's retort:Collapse )
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Your moderator is back! 
07:21am 06/08/2004
mood: embarrassed
Wow... It's been forever and a day...

First of all, Thank you and welcome to all of you who have just joined!

And more of a thanks to the people who have been here since the very beginning!

Now... I must say I have to apologize profusely for my absence.

Fact is, this community was going nowhere... ha! But I suppose I just didn't give it enough time to get members and the like. And also i changed my journal name from kufuffin_zero to _introspect_ So I forgot about this community......

After about a year's hiatus I've returned to find that there are actually quite a few people in this community now.

What sucks is that you all probably want to leave because there's been nothing going on...

Well, let me tell ya brothas/sistas...
We're going to kick this place back up.

Here's my plan of action:
1) Create some icons and edit the layout of this place
2) Create banners for those who like to advertise for their communities
3) Advertise for this community.
4) Edit the userinfo page
5) Think of some ideas to get this place alive and kickin......

If any of you would like to help with any of the above or have some amazing ideas of your own, post a comment! This place needs help, so all help and suggestions will be appreciated!

I'll be sure to post as I get things updated.
11:51pm 10/07/2004
mood: exhausted
Well I'm a 16 girl from Michigan.. lol It seems like there are a lot of people from Michigan in here! And I am most definitely going to be single forever lol! I got burned in a relationship, and I haven't been able to keep a guy around since. I hate it. Blahhh I need some love. Haha.
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02:37am 30/06/2004
mood: blah
hey ppl, i haven't writen in forever, but ya know, life's crazy, well i'm still single :/, lets see, i've had about 5 attempts on a real relationship in the past 11 months, and as always i got stuck with abunch of wussies who lie about the stupidest stuff!!!!, the last guy i wasas gonna hook up w/ decides to go get another gurl to hook up w/ cause i wouldn't fuck him, and dosen't even to bother tellin me he has a g/f i just found out from his friend yesterday that he's been seeing her for like 3 weeks now,.....and ppl wounder why some gurls turn lesbian....god, maybe it's just the guys that live near me, but so far, all the hot guys are assholes, the nice, guys are taken, and the nice cute guys are either taken, to old, or gay....what is up with that, maybe i'm jeinksed, idk, whatever, well, i'm gonna go, bye
01:03am 05/06/2004
mood: lonely
im new my name is brian im 14 years old i have had plenty of girlfriends but none of them ever trusted me and now some of my friends that are girls are starting to not trust me so i just gave up on dateing causeit was to much stress not to mention expensive i spent most of the money i ever got on girls and i thought i whould rather have friends and when i was looking aroud in my lj i found this community and i thought it would be fun so if you want a friend feal free to add me and get a hold to me im realy in need of some friends
life sucks, then u die 
02:06am 09/04/2004
mood: disterbed
eh...hey, im 14, (female) my names leslie,i live in Georgia im single,i like poetry, bmxers, skateboarders, an i have been single for probably the longest time with in 3 years, and i hate it. my last real relationship was about 7 months ago, an we were together for almost 8 months, an after that i guess ive been afraid of comitment,or just guys one, im not sure, but with in the past 8 months not 1 of my relationships have lasted longer than 3 weeks. eh well....im still open for sum friends so if anyone wants to add me then u can
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09:46pm 22/03/2004
mood: thirsty
Hello everybody! *waves*

He He, I'm a gay man living in the UK, and I just had to join! I plan to be single for ever! *Yey* Men are too much bother! So yush, I thought I'd join this community, it looks fun!

12:36am 04/03/2004
mood: lonely
Hey!! 19*girlie girl from Michigan .. I am actually in a relationship .. have been for quite some time .. unfortunatly .. it has had to take a turn down the "long distance" road. which stinks a lot. Its been a few month of him being cross-country from me .. and its really starting to get to me .. I really just want someone around to hug every so often. yknow. itd be nice.

im constantly saying i am going to break up with him .. but i really dont see that happening. its real depressing. and i think it puts me in the single forever category, because .. well lets face it .. im not gettin any lovin .. so essentially its the same thing.
I'm new 
01:07am 18/01/2004
  20/male/michigan here. Just signed up
I'm currently single, just looking for some fun though not a relationship for a while.

contact me on AIM if you ever want to talk
i'm new 
09:34am 28/11/2003
mood: crappy
so, I'm on the verge of breaking up with my bf. It's going to take a while tho. I think I kind of got attached to him a little. Anyway, the reason for the break up is are lack of attention to school matters. Its really important in university to work as hard as possible, and unfortunately we create too much of a distraction to each other.

That's why I am in this group now. I need help. I need to stay single for the next 2 and a half years. I don't know how that's going to be possible. I'm used to having a new guy show up every 6 to 8 weeks (just like a delivery) and me saying ok to dating them. Well, I don't want that to happen anymore. I want to just be single and have friends. Nothing else. Can anyone help me?
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03:05pm 13/06/2003
mood: blah
hi. i'm new here and quite single. *sighs* i don't see why i am tho. i mean i think i'm quite a catch. not to be conceited or anything tho. i mean i'm pretty, i like doing guyish things sometimes, am fun to just chill with, got a sense of humor, smart,etc. i guess i can't complain since i've know quite a few people have liked me thru the years, but they've never been anything that i've wanted to have a relationship with. i guess my problem is that there isn't anyone here for me. i mean its been a boring 4 years of high school full of the same old people in the same boring old town. so i guess that's all for my rant today.
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Bitter much? 
12:27am 12/05/2003
mood: content
Check this out

It's a website someone I know made

It deals with being single and all that crap...

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05:12am 04/05/2003
  What happened to this community...? Did everyone run off and stop being single? (Damn you all!!!)

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I'm single again...nooooo!! 
01:35pm 18/02/2003
  *laugh* Who'd ever thought I'd find solace in a singles group? Especially when I normally replace my boy toys in a duration of two to three months, but not this time. Ouch* I got spurned. I'll try not to cuss so much, 'cause I know it's very un-lady like.

I know what lovesfool means about falling for a guy and then...well, look where we're at now. I'm tryin' to save face by acting calm, but I just really want to smoke a pack of ciggys and wash down a whole bottle of whiskey while joining in Bonnie Raitt's chorus "I can't make you love me...if you don't." Of course, it wasn't really love to begin with. I don't know. I do tend to make really stupid decisions, and this was one of them. Now I'm trying to cope with being single. ::sigh::

You don't have to read the story. it's a whole lotta bitching about the reason for my bitterness.
the story, the tried to make it short versCollapse )

So, yes, warning girls. Never trust a Candy Kid Korean Raver. Even if they're really cute and a smooth talker. I didn't, even when I openly told him at face value "You're a player, aren't you?" Aa...being young and naive. Having someone else is always good, but it's too overrated. There's someone for everyone, but I think I lie in the slim 3% who'll end up wickedly single. But in the meantime, I'm hurt, yet amused. Sorry to fill this with gibberish. Anyone's welcome to IM me. AIM s/n is pnaybayb27. Chat w/me and make me feel happier. ok?
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01:06pm 11/12/2002
mood: weird
I should be online tonight on AoL instant Messenger please talk to me I will be bored probably. If you read or just look or have me on your friends list please comment here I just want to see how many people will comment if you would please.